Bing Chat has indeed gotten quite a lot of new features in the last few months, in fact the number of users has increased quite a bit over time, moreover this service is also slowly being integrated into a number of other Microsoft services, for example Skype, Microsoft SwiftKey, and others.

We discussed Bing Chat a little, recently Mikhail Parakhin, who served as head of Advertising and Web Services at Microsoft, said that they apologized in his tweet due to the response time from Bing Chat, which now seems slower.

In the same tweet, Mikhail also revealed that they didn’t add a fast enough GPU which of course resulted response time it decreased.

Now, as we may already know, technology like ChatBot does require a very fast device to be able to run AI technology on it, especially a powerful GPU component so that it can handle the process of running technology. machine learning the.

And even though Mikhail revealed they would fix the problem soon response time which is slow, unfortunately there is no additional information about this, but it is possible that in the future there will be additional paid services such as ChatGPT Plus to separate users who want more exclusive and faster access and response.

So what do you think? Can you imagine, even a technology giant like Microsoft is overwhelmed by the large number of users who are now using Bing Chat.

Comment below guys, and give your opinions and opinions.

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