A few weeks ago, WinPoin held a poll about How Important Is Cortana on Windows You Use?where it turns out that there are a lot of reader responses, there are at least 500 respondents who filled out the poll and there are a number of interesting comments that are quite open to view about cortana which was basically undeveloped and even abandoned by Microsoft.

So this time, as well as answering a number of questions that are often asked to me via DM on Twitter or on Instagram, let’s just do a poll about What is the most suitable amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) for Windows 11, considering Microsoft itself provides minimum 8 GB RAM for Windows 11 installation, but based on the #Question article: Here’s What WinPoin Readers Say About Windows 11it turns out that there are also many who use Windows 11 in 4 GB of RAM and reportedly run quite smoothly there.

So with that, maybe it’s a good idea to hold another poll about how much RAM is the most suitable for Windows 11?, although of course everyone has their own preference each of them, please fill in according to your needs and your opinion whether the capacity you choose is indeed suitable for Windows 11 and recommended for users to use, please fill in guys.

Btw, some new mid-range devices come with 4 GB RAM with Windows 11 Home SL Preinstalled, and from 4 GB, at least 2.8 GB has been used, is 4 GB RAM really enough? just comment below guys.

Hopefully the results of this poll can answer questions of friends who are curious about the recommendation for the most suitable amount of RAM for Windows 11, for myself, 16 GB is very suitable, both for Windows 11 and handling my main job.


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