Earlier last month it was reported that PowerToys will get a “Screen Ruler” feature which will be quite useful for users, where this feature will function to measure the screen area, as in the following image.

Well, after a long time in development, and the feature is still being tested internally by Microsoft, on PowerToys 0.62 which was released some time ago, the feature has finally arrived along with other new features in this version.

There are three new features that Microsoft brings to PowerToys 0.62, which are Screen Ruler, Text Extractor, Quick Accent. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Screen Ruler, just as the name suggests, this feature will allow users to measure distances in screen pixels, users can measure the size of open application windows, on-screen elements and more accurately, both in padding and margins.

Text Extractor, this feature will allow the user to extract text from the image and then the text will be able to be saved in the clipboard, Initially this feature was called PowerOCR which was introduced a few weeks ago, but changed its name to Text Extractor.

Quick Accent, this feature is a new feature that will help users write letters with a certain accent, but unfortunately this feature only supports English.

These three features are expected to bring significant improvements to the PowerToys application as an optional application that has all the important features that may be useful for users.

Also in version 0.62, there are a number of improvements that are presented, such as improvements to the Always on Top, Color Picker, Fancy Zones, and others. For complete information on the PowerToys 0.62 changelog, you can go to the GitHub page following.

In general, there are a lot of improvements in PowerToys 0.62, so for you PowerToys users, it’s a good idea to update your application to this version.

You can download the PowerToys 0.62 installer on the GitHub page following or update it from the Microsoft Store page following.

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