After the presence of Bing Chat, quite a lot of technology giants competed with each other to develop Artificial Intelligence in the form of sophisticated Chatbots with the aim of making it easier for users, namely Bard, who until now is still unable to compete with Bing Chat.

Meanwhile, Opera recently announced their new technology called Aria, where Aria is an artificial intelligence meant to be a rival to Bing Chat.

According to Opera, Aria is designed to improve the browsing experience of Opera users, where Aria will provide free access to generative AI services directly from within the browser, and of course Aria will allow users to collaborate with AI while users surf the Internet, write text or code and even other things.

Interestingly, Aria makes use of Opera’s “Composer” architecture, which allows integration with GPT OpenAI. This state-of-the-art infrastructure allows Aria to connect to multiple AI models, providing users with a versatile range of AI-powered services.

Currently, Aria is in the form of a Chat interface which will facilitate direct interaction between the user and the AI ​​system, according to Opera this initial step serves as a foundation for future developments, where Opera plans to integrate Aria even further into the browser in the next version.

"AI is rapidly changing how we work, browse the web and naturally, how we think about browsers and the part they can play in users' online experience," said Product Director, Opera for PC. "Fittingly, Aria is our first product that named itself."

So, will Aria become Bing Chat’s rival and rival? let’s see the news and opinions of users.

Comment below guys, and give your opinion about Aria’s presence?

via: Opera


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