After last week Windows Insider Dev users did not get new builds and updates, this week Microsoft has finally released an update which of course has many significant changes, including new features and capabilities in Windows 11.

So this week, the build released for Windows 11 Insider Dev itself is build 23466 where this build has a number of new things including DevDrive which is now built on ReFS / Resilient File System, Backup and Restore technology improvements, and additional enhancements to voice access.

Okay, let’s talk a little about a number of new features highlighted, let’s start with the Dev Drive.


A little information too, previously it was rumored that ReFS support will likely be exclusive to Windows 12but with Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 23466, this rumor has been debunked.

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Dev Drive itself is a feature that has been tested for a long time by Microsoft, where now users can format Drives into ReFS which has better performance and security.

To set up Drive Dev, users can create it in the free space on an existing drive or create a new VHD/VHDX. Meanwhile, the disposal process is carried out through the application Settings > System > Storage ? Advanced Storage Settings > Disks & Volumes, or you can also use Command Prompt. To set up ReFS, you must have at least 50GB of free Storage or higher with a recommended RAM of 8GB or higher on the user’s device.

Improved Backup and Restore

Along with the release of Build 23466, Microsoft also introduced a new application called Windows Backup App, where this application will make it easier for users to backup and restore and move from an old PC to a new PC.

This application will be useful if the user wants to migrate data from PC 1 to PC 2, it’s just that this ability cannot be said to be perfect because it only stores general settings, not all data and applications that are on our devices.

Voice Access improvements

For those of you who might need the Voice Access feature in Windows 11, Microsoft has just added a number of new voice commands for this feature, such as that’s correct to make corrections to specific text in Microsoft Word.

Complete information regarding voices access command you can see this on the page following.

Other Improvements

In addition to the three things above, in build 23466 Microsoft also introduced a number of other changes and improvements such as notification suggestions which will be set based on whether the user is interacting with detection toasts or not.

Then there is a special sort on the part recommended sections in the Start Menu which is now organized according to a specific model from Microsoft.

And the best part is guys, there are options never combined mode on the Taskbar for those of you who yesterday asked for this feature to be returned in Windows 11. Great

In addition, of course there are a number of other changes such as update on a number emoticon which include :

Then Windows App SDK Version of File Explorer is fully released and icon Pizza has been removed, as well as a visual change to dialog notifications in the Firewall section as shown below which now follows the Windows 11 style.

It’s still not quite there, there are many other improvements such as WPA3 support on Phone Link Assistant Hotspot, there is support enhanced connection performance on passpoint WiFi Network, there are advanced properties for Network Adapter on the Settings page > Network & internet > Advanced network settings.

Including the option to view the Wi-Fi Password via page Settings > Network & internet > WiFi > Manage known networks.

And other improvements whose changelog you can read on the following page. But for sure guys, in general this is the most significant upgrade for the Windows 11 Insider Dev Channel in recent months, because how could it not, even there are features that users have been waiting for a long time now coming to this Build, including the ability never combined on the Taskbar. Cool, right?

Immediately, you upgrade to this build, and for you Insider Dev users, you can go directly to the Settings > Windows Update > Check for Updates page, then download and install the Windows 11 Insider Dev Build. 23466.

via: Microsoft


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