In early 2022, it was announced that Microsoft would present a feature where Later, you can add stickers to wallpapers in Windows 11. Time has passed and now Windows 11 22H2 users can use this feature, even though they really need it special trick so that this feature is available on your current operating system.

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Regarding the Sticker feature, did you know that in Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25174 or later, there are still hidden features that we can activate.

It is enough to use ViveTool and then enter the command vivetool /enable /id:36165848users can draw their own stickers or in other words they can even scribble on the desktop as shown in the following image.

How? is this feature interesting?, you may be a user touchscreen, maybe this feature can be useful, considering you can easily write something without having to open it notepad first, enough with pen that you have, you can write and draw directly on the desktop.

But friends, once again keep in mind that this feature is still in testing, even the Sticker feature itself needs to be activated by the user special trickand maybe this feature is only used as easter eggs on Windows 11 only.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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