Microsoft, who doesn’t know the big company behind the famous Windows and Microsoft Office, since the era of Windows 10 to Windows 11, unfortunately this company continues to add a number of new features that they think will be very useful for users, for example, integration of Microsoft Edge for Web Search via Windows Search, Bing and MSN Integration in Widgets & Windows Search and more.

But unfortunately this is actually a problem because these features actually limit user needs and Microsoft continues to divert and force users to use their services, of course Microsoft will indirectly benefit from this move, because market share of their service will increase slowly as the number of users increases, even if they have to.

On the other hand, there are lots of communities out there that actually fix this, starting from bypassing Edge Redirect with MSEdgeRedirect, the presence of bloatware removal applications such as ThisIsWin11 and other similar applications.

In general, although a number of these applications are basically not liked by Microsoft because they think these applications have the potential to damage the operating system, in fact many users like and are helped by these applications.

Microsoft Looks Pathetic

Regarding this if we look deeper, this actually makes Microsoft as a developer for operating systems (both Windows 10 and Windows 11), including Microsoft Edge, looks very sad, because how not, the Windows Community actually plays quite a role in providing solutions and improvements. things that Microsoft didn’t fix even though they basically really could.

If we take a look too, there are quite a lot feedback that comes in, whether it’s via the Feedback Hub, and forum others, sometimes a number of new features continue to be added even though users don’t need them.

Microsoft Is Doing This For Business

Of course, it is undeniable that Microsoft is indeed in business, even if you don’t like it, as long as Microsoft can still make a profit, why not, right, at least that’s probably what Microsoft is thinking.

For example, adding bloatware in Windows 11 such as Microsoft Teams with the aim of better integration, and Clipchamp which still has to pay for the more powerful Pro version, all of course for business and increase Microsoft profits.

The Community Is Basically Users

From the user, by the user and for the user, that’s the principle that I see from a number of applications that were created by the community to provide comfort, privacy, security and a better experience on the system that Microsoft created.

For example, like rcmaehl with MSEdgeRedirect, thebookisclosed with ViveTool, builtbybel with ThisIsWin11, these three applications are popular open source applications among Windows 11 users, because with this application, we can make the system we use more comfortable according to the wishes of the users themselves.

If Microsoft forces users to eat Microsoft Edge for Windows Search, with MSEdgeRedirect we can change it, if there is an experimental feature we want to enable, ViveTool can activate it, and if there is bloatware and privacy settings we want to change and remove, ThisIsWin11 can do it.

Although there are steps that must be skipped and do not make Windows 11 direct ready, however many users prefer going a step further for their own convenience.

What Microsoft Isn’t Learning?

Given this, does Microsoft actually not learn from its mistakes, by for example giving users the right to choose the user’s favorite browser to access in Windows Search, or choosing what applications to install during the system installation process? Even though there are quite a number of complaints from users, there is still no positive response that Microsoft seems to be giving, and it is precisely with Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge that now more and more features that users don’t like are present in their operating system.

Well, as a Linux user too, sometimes I dream about it, if Microsoft gives an option Minimum Installation in Windows 11 like what is usually present in linux distromaybe that would be really cool.

What do you think about this?, is it possible that in the future Microsoft will learn from the existing community and fix its mistakes?, or will it continue to add useless features to their services and systems?, comment below guys.

Disclaimer: This article is a bit of my opinion and vent that I’m a bit annoyed with features that I never use, instead of making Windows 11 look elegant and minimalist, it actually makes it more crowded with features that are never used.


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