Mutual funds are not only an ideal tool for beginners. Because investors do not need to manage their own investments. but also because of investment in these instruments You can invest in other instruments. at once

Mixed Mutual Fund (RDC) It is a mutual fund with a balanced allocation of investments between stocks, bonds and financial instruments. This investment product is ideal for those who want to save money for their needs over the next 3-5 years.

in order not to be confused in the selection. Here are some recommendations for the best mixed mutual funds based on the most recent NAV values ​​in 2022:

1. Schroder Progressive Compound Fund

Progressive Mixed Fund Schroder is a mutual fund product issued by PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia as of July 2022. The NAV value of this product reaches Rp.1.8 trillion. 49.36% of the funds are allocated for shares, 45.11% for fixed income and 5.53% for financial instruments The majority of these allocated issuers are Bank BRI, Astra International and Telkom.

This product is managed by PT Schroder Investment Management Indonesia, one of the The most famous investment managers.

2. Silentra Dynamic Fund

The next highest NAV product is the Syailendra Dynamic Investment Fund. The NAV of this product until July 2022 is Rs.1.2 trillion. Unfortunately, in addition to the NAV amount, the investment allocation for this product is also no details

3. Panin Balanced Funds

With assets under management of Rp.977.5 billion as of July 2022, Panin Dana Berimbang is one of the highest NAV mixed fund products.

  • Cash and Money Market (35.94 %)
  • Corporate Bonds (47.58%)
  • Shares (14.37%)
  • Government bonds (2.11%)

Among the issuers receiving investment allocation were Bank Rakyat Indonesia, bonds issued by Tower Bersama Infrastructure (TBIG) and Bank Panin.

4. Schroder Mutual Fund

In addition to the Schroder Progressive Mutual Fund, PT. Schroder Investment Management Indonesia also offers another high NAV hybrid fund. That’s Schroder Mutual Fund until July 2022. This product supports NAV at Rp 976 billion.

The composition of this family of products is as follows:

  • Share: 1.15%
  • Bonds: 75.76%
  • Money Market Instruments: 23.09%

The allocation is invested in fixed deposits at Bank BRI, Maybank and Bank BTPN, while most of the rest is allocated for bonds and sukuk.

With Schroder Mutual Funds, you can choose the RDC product from Schroder that fits your investment needs. This is because it is clear that this product is less risky than the Schroder product in point 1 above.

5. Insight Benefit Balanced Fund

The fifth largest NAV composite fund is the Insight Benefit Balanced Fund issued by PT Insight Investments Management as of July 2022. The total NAV in this instrument is Rp 866 billion, just like Syailendra Dynamic. Investment Fund Unfortunately, there are no further notifications regarding the details of investing in this instrument.

6. Balanced Absolute Strategy

In position 6 is the Trimegah Balanced Absolute Strategy. This product, published by PT Trimegah Asset Management in July 2022, received Rp 371.28 billion in managed capital. The allocations for this instrument were relatively balanced, i.e. stocks, bonds, etc., at 49.69%, 25.35% and 24.96% respectively. 49.6% of the shares were allocated to Adaro Minerals Indonesia, Merdeka Copper Gold and Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom).

Don’t be afraid of the company’s credibility. Trimegh Asset Management is one of the Mutual fund manager with the largest NAV ..

7. Sucorinvest Flexi Fund

Sucorinvest Flexi is the 7th-highest NAV Mixed Fund as of July 2022. Total NAV managed in this investment product reaches Rs.304 million. 71.6% stocks, 19.76% bonds and sukuk, and 8.6% money market instruments. Shares included in the Sucorinvest Flexi fund portfolio consist of shares held by Bank BJB, Mandiri Multifinance and Buyung Poetra Sambada.

8. Silentra Balanced Opportunity Fund

The next best mixed fund is Syailendra Balanced Opportunity Fund As of July 2022, the mutual fund product issued by Syailendra Capital has 194 billion investors, in total, 10%-75% of the investment will be allocated to stocks. and bonds But as of July 2022, the composition of the RDC port is:

  • Shares: 55.39% allocated to various issuers such as Bank BRI, Semen Indonesia and Panin Financial.
  • Corporate Bonds: 23.99%
  • Cash or cash equivalents: 20.62%

9. Balanced Fund Sucorin Investment Picture

The second RDC product from PT Sucor Asset Management is Sucorinvest Citra Dana Berimbang on Mutual Fund Products In this case, the company has put in place a more relaxed investment policy with 0-79% of the total NAV that can be distributed for investments in stocks, bonds and money markets as needed.

However, in June 2022, the Company allocated 77.48% of stocks, 11% of bonds and 11.52% of money market instruments. The company can manage NAV at 141 billion rupiah. Issuers receiving investment flow from this company are BTPN, Bank BJB and PGN.

10. Mandiri Investa Syariah Balance

If you are looking for RDC based on IslamThen Mandiri Investa Syariah Balanced is a good choice. The tool, which was managed by PT Mandiri Manajemen Investasi in June 2022, managed NAV at Rp 33.7 billion. and became one of the most valuable NAV RDC products.

Like Sucorinvest Citra Dana Berimbang Mandiri Investa Syariah Berimbang also uses balanced spreads between stocks, bonds or sukuk and money market instruments. However, as of June 2022, the details of this product line are as follows:

  • Islamic Money Market: 15.75%
  • Shares of Sharia: 8.01%
  • Sukuk: 76.24% distributed in sukuk issued by governments and organizations.

That’s our recommendation for the best mutual fund in 2022 based on NAV values. Please note that NAV volumes will change depending on market conditions. Related Investment Managers can also be changed as needed Therefore, you should read the latest fund information of relevant mutual fund products before making a purchase.


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