Microsoft recently warned users about another issue that has appeared with their apps in Windows 11, where the app that is currently having issues is Microsoft Outlook.

When a user searches for something in Outlook Desktop on Windows 11, the user may not get the most recent email in the search results, and even, if the user check option Windows Indexing Options in Control Panel, Indexing may run slowly and even stop running.

This issue also affects users with POP, IMAP and Offline Exchange email, where the search feature using the local Windows Search Service to index Email will not work properly.

Now regarding this, for now Microsoft is still looking for the problem and will fix it in the next update, however, unfortunately it is still unclear when this problem will be fixed by Microsoft.

Temporary Repair

Meanwhile, Microsoft provides a temporary fix where it is to turn off the Windows Desktop Search feature, because it seems that this feature is the cause of the Search feature problem in Outlook in Windows 11.

“You can temporarily work around the problem by disabling Windows Desktop Search. This will cause Outlook to use its built-in search. The built-in search will display the following message to indicate it is not using the Windows Search service: “Search performance will be impacted because a group policy has turned off the Windows Search service.” “

You can see the detailed steps for yourself on the following Microsoft page, but in short, users only have to create a file DWORD 32-bit Value with Value PreventIndexingOutlook in Key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREPoliciesMicrosoftWindows

So did you find this problem guys? comment below.

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