It was previously reported that Later Paid Open Source Applications on the Microsoft Store will be removed by Microsoft, this is in line with the new Microsoft Store policy that prohibits open source applications from being traded.

Well, this certainly gets a bad response for developers, because many of them are disappointed about the new policy.

However, regarding this matter, Giorgio Sardo, General Manager of Apps, Partners, Store at Microsoft, gave a little clarification that Microsoft claims, the purpose of this new policy is not to stop the distribution of OSS or Open-Source Software, but to stop the distribution of OSS or Open-Source Software. misleading listing or misleading listings in the Microsoft Store.

This is of course aimed at Microsoft to increase the quality of the Microsoft Store itself, considering that there are a lot of applications that lack quality in the Microsoft Store.

But even so, unfortunately, the explanation from Giorgio Sardo is still not acceptable to the developers because it is still unclear and lacking in detail regarding Microsoft’s new policy.

So in the end Microsoft decided to postpone the implementation of the new policy. Because Microsoft needs to clarify its intentions behind the draft to be revised. Meaning, Microsoft won’t be banning OSS apps from being commercialized from the Microsoft Store at least for now. However, Microsoft unfortunately still hasn’t removed the new policy information in the Microsoft Store which is quite disturbing.

Well, let’s just wait for official news from Microsoft, whether this new Microsoft Store policy will be revised or will it stay as before.

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