As part of the Enhanced Insider Program which allows users to get Beta and trial versions faster than regular general users, Microsoft recently announced that it will create a new Insider Program specifically for Surface devices.

Reported from Windows CentralThe Surface Insider program “has been on the to-do list for Team Duo for months”, and may be ready in the next few months.

Now, this Surface Insider program, like other Insider programs, will allow users to get updates faster in the trial version, and besides that, with this Surface Insider Program, users can activate or deactivate flags certain hidden features of the operating system available on the Surface Duo.

For Surface device users, and especially if you are already familiar with the Windows Insider Program, then this is certainly the best option to try new features and new capabilities on Surface devices faster than others.

It’s just that unfortunately there is no information on exactly when this program will be launched.

Comment below guys about your opinion, will you like this Surface Insider Program?

via: Windows Central


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