The MSN Weather application is a weather application that you may have seen on your system before you use it, this application is actually quite useful, especially if you want to see the latest weather conditions, weather predictions and temperature information from the surrounding area before starting your activities outside.

Regarding this application, unfortunately in the latest update for the insiders as reported Deskmodderit is reported that in addition to getting a few new appearance changes, this application presents recommended content and advertisements in it.

Image via Deskmodder

As in the image above, the ad appears below prediction in the upper right corner and below almost every news menu from Microsoft Start, and according to Deskmodder, this advertisement is present not only in certain regions but in almost every region.

Apart from the negative aspects mentioned above, there are a number of improvements brought to MSN Weather, including the presence hourly forecast, weather history and a number of menus displaying detailed details about today’s weather.

This improvement is certainly quite interesting for users who actively use MSN Weather, but the ads are something that is quite annoying for some people.

Now the latest version of MSN Weather itself is expected to be released in the next few weeks, just make sure you update it from the Microsoft Store page, either on Windows 10 or on Windows 11.

via: DeskModder


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