Just like in Windows 10, in Windows 11 by default there are a number of applications that can run in the background, most of which are pre-installed applications such as Mail & Calendar, Xbox, and others.

Although generally for new devices that already bring Windows 11 by default out of the box, The presence of an application running in the background is not a problem, even though the running application will consume a bit of resources (RAM, disk or network).

To reduce resources used by applications that run behind the scenes, we can do the following steps to turn off background apps in Windows 11, the steps are actually similar to in Windows 10it’s just that the Background Apps option is no longer on the page Settings > Privacy in Windows 11, so we have to set the Background Apps option manually from each app.

Okay just go ahead, here’s how to turn off background apps in Windows 11.

Step 1. First please open Settings > Apps > Installed Apps.

Step 2. Next, please select which application you want to turn off the function running in background its, for example I will turn off the application mail & calendars.

Step 3. As in the image above, click three dots in the application section you will turn off the feature running in background it, then select Advanced options > and further in the section Background app permissions please choose never.

Well after that, the Mail & Calendar application will no longer run in the Windows 11 Background.

The steps above are very easy, it’s just that the method in Windows 10 in my opinion is faster, because of the settings background apps is on the page Settings > Privacy > Background Apps, and in Windows 10 we can set this option for all applications, not one by one like the steps in Windows 11 above.

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