Previously it was reported that Spotify integration in Windows 11 Clock App it turns out to be broken where users who want to try to connect the Clock application with Spotify only get a Blank window display as shown in the following image.

This problem has been reported by many users at Feedback Hubthis is because the problem has been present since February 2023.

Regarding this issue, a representative from Spotify provided confirmation that this problem occurs on the Windows side, where there is an expired Certificate preventing the Clock application from connecting to their service.

"We've checked around and it looks like this is a known limitation on Windows' side at the moment due to an expired certificate such that the oATH header being sent to the Spotify API is no longer valid. Please reach out directly to Microsoft Support for more detailed and info on any possible updates about the focus assist clock integration."

Now, after a period of three months, unfortunately, Microsoft has not taken any remedial steps, and so far there has been no official confirmation from them whether they will fix it or not.

But it’s a shame that this feature that was introduced in August 2021 didn’t run smoothly when users needed it, so what do you think? comment below guys.

via: Spotify, Neowin


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