For you Skype users, you may be aware that there are a number of features that users cannot currently use, one of which is the ability to subscription can’t be done, and what’s worse, the user may be charged 2 times as much when trying to buy Skype Credit.

So for now the problem has indeed been confirmed by Microsoft on its official page followingwhere Skype is down, causing users to be unable to access some of the capabilities of this service.

Previously too, namely a few hours ago, OneDrive was also down, where we couldn’t open it cloud storage on the Web or synchronize the content therein with the application on Android / iOS or Desktop.

But the good news is that the problem with OneDrive has been resolved, so now we just have to wait for improvements to the Skype service as well.

So if you are having problems with Skype, it is recommended to temporarily switch to another service such as Microsoft Teams or another alternative service.

To view information servicestatus of Microsoft services, you can visit the page following.


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