Microsoft Edge Chromium, a browser that was quite popular “at first” because it presents an alternative browser to Google Chrome with a number of features that users need. But day by day this browser is getting more powerful with many features not required, even arrived unit converter, and others.

Regarding Microsoft’s flagship browser, it was recently reported that users found the Google Docs Offline extension automatically installed without notification, and I even got it myself.

As you can see in the image above, this extension was suddenly installed without any notification on my Microsoft Edge Chromium Canary, and not just on Edge Canary. DeskModderthis extension is also present in Edge Dev and even Edge Stable.

Actually this might not be a problem, considering that Google Docs Offline itself is part of the Google Chrome browser, and the presence of this extension in Edge may be due to a bug, but if you pay attention there is information that the extension has badge and labels “Installed by Microsoft Edge” which shows that this is not a glitch and a bug of Chromium Browser.

So until now unfortunately there has been no confirmation from Microsoft, but just like in Google Chrome, if you don’t like it you can remove this extension manually via the page extensions manager in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Did you also find the same thing? comment below guys.

via: DeskModder, Neowin


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