Google Hangouts, who knows the Google messaging service that used to replace GTalks, now regarding Hangouts, it is reported that this service will be completely moved to Google Chat in November 2022.

After yesterday offering a move for Hangouts users on Google Workspace, now it’s the turn of regular users who will start receiving notifications to immediately move to the newer Google Talks.

And the good news is that Google has confirmed that all conversations in Hangouts will transition safely to Chats. Users can also use the Takeout service to download a copy of their Hangouts data before it’s officially discontinued later.

Regarding this, Google consistently shuts down popular products and makes users switch to the platform similar with more features that are presented in it. While Google Chat is supposed to replace GChat aka GTalk aka Google Talk, Hangouts is supposed to be a platform that offers all the features of the above-mentioned product, even though it seems confusing, but Google does have special page which explains the difference between Hangouts and Chat.

So, are you a Google Hangouts user?, what do you think about this news? comment below guys.

Via : Neowin, Google


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