Quite a number of problems have been reported by users to Microsoft regarding a number of bugs in Windows 11 2022 Update or Windows 11 22H2, yesterday we already knew that there was a bug that caused printer errors, dynamic disk bugs, and so on.

Well this time, Microsoft again confirmed that there is a bug in Windows 11 that causes Windows Hello to not be able to run, where with this bug, users may experience failure to login using fingerprint, face unlock, and even regular pins.

Interestingly, Microsoft says that this bug affects users who have set up Windows Hello before installing Windows 11 22H2, so if you upgrade with Windows Hello settings already running, then you may find this bug on your system.

Meanwhile, if you set Windows Hello after installing Windows 11 22H2, you shouldn’t have this problem, but if it continues, Microsoft recommends users to install the update. KB5017389 released as optional updates, in early October.

So did you find this bug? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft


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