Previously it was reported that Microsoft Will Overhaul File Explorer in Windows 11 where there are more changes in panel details which includes the following options:

  • Insights
  • Activities
  • Properties
  • Related Files
  • Conversations
  • Status sharing

As in the picture above, in section right File Explorer, more precisely on the details panel, there are a number of additional options as described, wherein these options present a number of additional detailed information about the file the user has selected, starting from details regarding related files until conversations linked by e-mail.

In addition, users who want to try can activate the ID 38613007 use ViveTool, However friends, it should be noted that this feature is really still in testing and still buggy, where if you activate this change in the latest Windows 11 Insider Dev, and you use Dark Mode, then File Explorer will crash and be difficult to open.

Well, it turns out that this is still buggy and still needs to be fixed by Microsoft, user @PhantomOfEarth on Twitter himself has confirmed this, where this feature is not completely perfect and doesn’t even support the Dark Mode that many users like.

And even, if the sandinya file explorer managed to open after crashing several times, the new detail panel display will be as shown below:

So if you feel file explorer you are often crashing after enabling the new detail panel in File Explorer, it is recommended that you disable this change using ViveTool again, at least until Microsoft fixes this problem.

How did you encounter this problem, O Windows Insiders?

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