Each company has different characteristics according to the vision, mission and goals of each company. This is what makes the difference. corporate culture Every company is unique and different.

The importance of understanding this term is knowing the working environment of the company. Especially if you want to apply for a job somewhere. The following article will briefly review about corporate culture at work

meaning of corporate culture

corporate culture (Corporate culture) is the beliefs, values ​​and trust in the management of the company that all employees follow. Culture is often referred to as corporate culture It has grown and developed until it becomes the basis for actions and ideas in work.

However, this culture is implicit and not explicitly written. To be able to change at any time according to the accumulation characteristics of all company employees. However, such culture remains consistent with the vision, mission and goals of the company.

type corporate culture Whether it is intended or not, it continues to achieve the essence of the company’s ideals and practices. Because the change will affect every aspect of the business that operates within the company.

Overall, too corporate culture The growth of the company guides how employees should act. how do you feel and what do you think It could be said that a company culture is the personality or characteristics of an organization that encompasses everything from core values ​​to vision of employees.

Benefits of corporate culture

There are many benefits if companies implement them. corporate culture Good people, because this culture has a great influence on the performance of all employees. This will also affect the performance and profit of the company. refer to website ClefThis is the benefit of corporate culture:

1. Prosperity of all employees

company with corporate culture which will surely bring many benefits One of them is that dedicated employees play a role in achieving the company’s goals.

Cultural prowess in a company is more than just finding the best talent in the industry. but also retain employees in the long run Employees are like a company that drives growth and provides a working environment. feel positive.

It is also a way for the company to have happy and satisfied employees. The best corporate values ​​do not neglect the physical and mental health of employees when focusing on performance. this is one and the same Tips Job Seekers Must Understand pressure they.

2. Hold the good name of the company.

Nowadays, big names of companies help attract and retain their clients or clients, therefore corporate culture is closely related to how businesses transact outside and connect with customers.

A strong culture fosters good relationships and respect with customers and other stakeholders when it can build a connection with the company through positive values ​​and behavior. Doing business will be easier.

3. The quality of the company increases.

Another of the most outstanding benefits of corporate culture is the ability to help companies deliver quality products and services. Focusing on the highest standards and creating an ideal environment for workers to produce high standard products that will help to achieve customer satisfaction.

4. The direction of the company is clearer.

If the company’s ongoing goals become clearer It can be seen from activities and everyday life in the office. If well developed The result will be easy to convey questions. work culture to new employees

Conversing with new team members about what they believe about the company culture can also be a valuable insight into outsiders’ perceptions of their workplace as an organization. as well as orientation training

Examples of good and bad corporate culture

Sometimes, national culture also plays a role in determining the type of corporate culture prevailing in society. For example, it is well known that Japanese companies have a very different culture compared to American or European companies.

refer to website startup, There are examples of various companies too. corporate culture With good or bad categories are:

1. Companies with corporate culture good people

  • Google: Known for its employee-centered culture and emphasis on working in a creative and flexible environment.
  • Spotify: Implement results-oriented Agile management principles with flexible strategies and group employees in an environmental way. start up Be more creative in solving company problems.
  • netflix: Promoting Creativity solving problems together And the freedom of employees has become the norm and thought that will contribute to their business success.

2. Companies with corporate culture bad things

  • forever 21: Not providing adequate welfare and reportedly forcing employees to stay in the store during lunch breaks and for long periods after the shift is over.
  • Uber: There were several reports of sexual harassment against employees. One employee wrote a sexist post while there.

How to create a good corporate culture

Companies can use the following tips to help create a positive office culture in the workplace:

1. Create a culture work life balance

No company can grow without healthy employees. They need to feel their best physically, mentally and emotionally to participate in office culture. In many ways, employee well-being is the foundation of a positive corporate culture.

Bosses need to ensure employees have a balance between work and daily life. For example, a company can invite refreshing or staff gathering So don’t stress and protect. Employee turnover too much

2. Set clear goals

The company will not operate without a clear purpose. The commander should work with the team to create goals and objectives that everyone can achieve. Communicate all principles and work culture In a company that has a high level of attentiveness to its employees

3. Promote positive thinking

to create a positive culture Employers need to foster positive attitudes in the workplace, such as showing gratitude, smiling often, and being optimistic in difficult situations.

more staff enjoy Pursue positive behavior when you see your boss doing it. thus making activities and tasks completed faster

4. Strengthen good social relations

Social relationships in the workplace are essential elements for a good corporate culture. When employees hardly know their co-workers and rarely interact with them A strong culture will never grow.

as the head You must give employees opportunities for social interactions in the workplace. Consider the weekly team meals. outing happy houror even invite participate community based on interests and abilities

5. Be a good listener.

Finally, how to create work culture It’s good to be a good listener. Based on research compiled by IQ Culture 86% of employees at companies with strong cultures feel that their seniors listen to their subordinates.

Ask employees what they dislike about the current culture and work environment. Being a good listener has been proven to make employees feel valued and listen to their suggestions.

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