It has been almost 16 years since Microsoft started using “Calibri” as the default font starting in Microsoft Office 2007, time has passed and even Microsoft has released various versions of Microsoft Office, let’s say 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and even 2021, all of them are still using the same font that is “Calibri”.

However, based on the latest news and leaks as reported by The VergesMicrosoft started to introduce a new font that is said to be default fonts in the future Microsoft Office, that is a font named “Aptos”.

"Today we begin the final phase of this major change where Aptos will start appearing as the new default font across Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel for hundreds of millions of users. And, over the next few months it will roll out to be the default for all our customers. We can’t wait for Aptos to be readily available since it was crafted to embody the many aspects of the human experience" ungkap Microsoft dalam halaman Mediumnya. 

Aptos itself is a font created by lead typeface designer Steve Matteson who also played an important role in creating a font that we know as “Sagoe Font” which is now used as the default font on the Windows operating system since Windows Vista.

Aptos may have been known as Bierstadt, but it was renamed after a favorite spot Matteson’s in Santa Cruz, California. Then what is the shape of the font? here are the pictures guys.

According to Microsoft’s principal program manager, Si Daniels, Aptos is similar to 20th century Swiss typefaces, in which Aptos is sans serif. Also referred to as Grotesque or Gothic, sans serif often has simple letterforms, even strokes, and is easy to read.

Aptos is also made up of various geometric shapes, bold, well defined, directive, and bounded. It articulates many different languages ​​and tones but is easy to read.

Will Be Available in Microsoft 365

In the coming months, Microsoft will start rolling out Aptos Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel to Microsoft 365 users, where Aptos will replace Calibri as default fonts.

That said, Calibri will be available and Pinned in parts dropdown menu font picker in Microsoft Office, so users don’t need to worry if they are already familiar with Calibri. Besides that, maybe Microsoft Office 2021 users will also get this change, but unfortunately there has been no direct confirmation from Microsoft about this.

So what do you think? do you like this font? comment below guys and do you have a favorite font? mention in the comments column below.

via: Microsoft, The Verges


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