There is some unpleasant news, especially for you Outlook users with OneDrive Storage limited to 5GB, why? because starting on February 1, 2023, all files attachments that you receive in Outlook will be counted as part of your OneDrive data.

“Starting February 1, 2023, cloud storage used across Microsoft 365 apps and services will include Outlook.com attachments data and OneDrive data. All data will continue to be protected with Microsoft’s comprehensive set of security features.” Reveal Microsoft

Apart from that, what will be part of the OneDrive data? Here are some of them:

As you can see above, apart from the files you upload on OneDrive, Outlook Attachments and Attachments in Teams are now part of the data which will be burdensome OneDrive storage users, and of course if all of them are put together, especially if you really actively use all of them, the free 5 GB capacity that we use will be insufficient, so subscribing to Microsoft 365 is the best solution so that users get 1 TB of OneDrive capacity.

Now for those who don’t know, currently all attachments in Outlook and Teams are separate from OneDrive storage, where if you get a lot of attachments though, the capacity of OneDrive will remain the same.

In addition, this new change does not change the capacity mailboxbut still the cloud storage will decrease as the number of files the user receives.

“This update will not impact your Outlook.com mailbox storage amount. However, this may reduce how much cloud storage you have available to use with your OneDrive. If you reach your cloud storage quota, your ability to send and receive emails in Outlook.com will be disrupted.” Obviously Microsoft is back.

So what do you think? comment below guys.

You can see all the information about this on the Microsoft page following.


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