A few weeks ago, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 Insider Dev Build 25231 For Windows Insider Dev Channel users, now in that build there is one new feature that is quite interesting, namely the presence of search bar in Task Manager.

Image via : DeskModder

Well with it search bar this alone, we as users can search for a process easily and quickly.

For example, when we want to find explorer.exe which we might restart because the process seems to have problems and glitches, usually we have to do it manually by scrolling and it has to be done slowly and carefully, bearing in mind that these components keep moving and changing their order.

And like in the picture above, just type it explorer.exe then the process we are looking for will be directly filtered and shown, with that too we can restart and see other options easily related to process the.

Regarding this, I think yes, Microsoft should have brought this option a long time ago, because this feature is very important for users to use, especially for those who often open Task Manager to view process what is running on their system.

In addition, for Linux and Mac users, you may already be familiar with the search option, for example like Gnome System Monitor for Linux and Activity Monitor for Mac users, both components that have similar functions to Task Manager it already has a feature search which is very important. And of course, when users of both OS try Task Manager in Windows, it feels like something is missing.

But yes, even though not all Windows users pay attention to Task Manager, I think this feature is very important and should have been presented a long time ago.

Oh yes, this feature itself has now been released in Windows 11 Insider Beta 22623891which is likely to be a new feature introduced in the Moment 2 or Moment 3 update for Windows 11 22H2, probably yes, as there is no official information regarding this yet.

So what do you think about this feature? Do you like it? Comment below guys, and give your opinions and opinions below.


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