The development of AI technology is currently growing, whether it’s starting with AI technology such as Chatbot ChatGPT and Bard, or AI technology such as image generators and even Voice AI, all of which have developed very rapidly in recent months.

But behind its development which is expected to be a positive thing, of course there are negative actions that take advantage of AI for personal gain and harm others.

One such example report The latest from McAfee shows that more and more users are being fooled by AI Voice, and it’s even been said that 10% of adults surveyed have been personally targeted and another 15% know someone who has been subjected to the same action.

Surprisingly enough, AI can impersonate anyone with just 3 seconds of audio, and of the victims, 77% reported having lost money as part of this scam.

The technique used to defraud by cyber criminals is to leave fake voice messages or even call victims pretending to be people they know, a third of 77% who lost the money said they had lost over $1000 USD and about 7% said that they have lost between $5000 and $15000 USD.

“Artificial intelligence brings incredible opportunities, but with any technology, there is always the potential for it to be used maliciously in the wrong hands. This is what we’re seeing today with the access and ease of use of AI tools helping cybercriminals to scale their efforts in increasingly convincing ways,” ungkap Steve Grobman, McAfee CTO.

Users are expected to be careful

As this technology develops, users are expected to be careful in responding to strangers, because there are quite a number of malicious actions that have now used AI technology, there are even quite a number of cases (especially female victims) where their photos are made as if they show an area their privacy and threatened that the photo will be distributed if they do not send some money to these cybercriminals.

via: McAfee, Neowin


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