There are quite a number of reports on feedback hub, reddit and Microsoft forums regarding a number of issues and bugs that apparently affect system Windows 11 22H2 that users are using.

Call it a problem task manager which does not display gpu usage which is not correct on a number of Nvida devices with driver version 522.22, other than that it was previously reported about the problem performance on graphic Nvidia too, and even trouble Printer which uses the default driver from Windows 11.

Then based on the many reports, does our device also have problems?, well I happen to be a user of Windows 11 22H2 with Build 22621,755 which I updated some time ago, and during use, whether it’s normal use, starting from work via Microsoft Office and Google Chrome, Printing with an Epson Printer and even Gaming The Forrest and Dying Light, everything works normally without any problems, at least on my device.

For PC, I’m using Intel Core i7 8700, with nVidia GT 1030, for this device there are no problems with the system and everything runs fine without any problems, such as problems gpu drivers, and other problems.

It’s the same with the Asus K401UQK laptop that I use, everything works normally too, no problems occur, although sometimes sound does not sound and the device must be turned on sleep first, but after updating to Windows 11 Build 22623, the problem suddenly disappeared.

So, the reported issue certainly doesn’t occur on all devices and only devices with hardware only certain people experience it. So, don’t be afraid to update, because the problems that occur are generally minor problems that not all devices are affected by the problem.

But friends, maybe you can try to give a brief review of the system you are using, is the Windows 11 22H2 you are using running normally and without any problems, or is there a unique problem that occurs on your device? comment below guys.

And have you updated your system to Windows 11 22H2?


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