As an active WhatsApp user, some time ago I finally updated this application from the Microsoft Store, and after opening it, it turned out that I was asked to reconnect with WhatsApp on the Smartphone I was using.

After connecting there are several changes that occur, starting from the sync process which is now faster and looks fresher in my opinion. OK, let’s talk guys.

The WhatsApp version that I use is 2.2240.2.0 which you can also download from the Microsoft Store.

Well, let’s start from when we first opened this application, which in my opinion based on my experience using the same application in the previous version, now the message sync process feels faster, where previously the sync process took about 10 – 20 seconds, now it’s just finished in just 5 seconds.

Now this increased sync speed is certainly a very good thing, because with it we can save a little time when we want to open messages faster in the WhatsApp application on Windows 11.

In addition, friends, the appearance of this application has also changed drastically which in my opinion, is now more suitable to be combined with the appearance of Windows 11.

The best thing in my opinion, is that now we can reply to Whatsapp Status directly from within this application. Well, this feature itself was first introduced in Beta version which was released earlier this month.

More Structured Settings

There is one other thing that caught my attention, that is now the settings section displays more sections, starting from General where it contains some information auto start, theme and logout, next there Accounts where it contains the settings of our WhatsApp account, Chats settings where here we can archive chats and even delete them, then there notifications and storage which also contains important settings regarding notifications and media storage that we can manage in this application.

Now in this setting, we can also set different notification sounds.

Anyway, guys, if you are a WhatsApp user on Windows 11, you really have to update your application to this version, and if you are a user of the old version of the WhatsApp application that you downloaded manually from the site. WhatsAppit’s better if you just download the version on the Microsoft Store.

So that’s my opinion about this application, where in my opinion, this application is better than before, starting from better sync speed, fresh appearance and better performance in Windows 11, I don’t know if in Windows 10, what are the changes? what happened to me too?, if yes, comment below guys.

What do you think about this application? comment below guys.


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