For those of you who are currently using the first version of Windows 11 or 21H2, of course, as has often been discussed on WinPoin, this version has a number of drawbacks, such as the unavailability of the Drag n Drop option to the Taskbar, wider customization support in the Start Menu, and others. .

Now regarding Windows 11, in the second version of this OS, version 22H2 which is planned to be released in the next few weeks, a feature that many users complained about in the past. feedback hub began to be presented again, one of which is the feature drag n drop The taskbar is definitely very important.

Since Windows 11 22H2 is not yet officially released, is there any special method to get this new version? Of course there are, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Via ISO Files (Clean Install Or In Place Upgrade)

The first method is that you can download the ISO file from Windows 11 22H2 or Build 22621 which happens to be currently very stable to use. To download it, you can directly slide on the Microsoft page followingthen please select Windows 11 Insider Preview (Beta Channel Build 22621).

Now with this ISO file, there are two methods that you can use to upgrade, clean install or use method in-place upgrade.

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For clean install You probably already know how, there are many references that WinPoin always provides on this site, while for in-place upgrade after you get the ISO file, you can open the file and open the file setup.exe which is in the ISO Windows 11 22H2.

Via Windows Insiders

Now, for those of you who are already registered as Windows Insiders, you can easily get Windows 11 22H2 directly from Windows Update, the steps themselves are very easy, first you open it. Settings > Windows Updates > Windows Insider Programthen connect your Windows Insider account and select Insider Beta Channel.

Now, after the device is registered as an Insider Beta Channel, you can immediately check for updates on Windows Update, now you should be able to get Windows 11 22H2 directly.

Because Windows 11 itself is quite complex, especially if it is installed on a device that is not compatible with the internet Windows 11 minimum requirements, update method may be a little limited, but not nil at all.

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Which step do you prefer? and are you already using Windows 11 22H2? comment below guys.


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