Twitter has officially released Circle, a feature similar to “Close Friend” on Instagram for a number of users in Indonesia starting this May 2022. It’s just that this feature is not yet available for all users.

Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Twitter updates on the App Store. If you have, try to check whether you have got this Circle feature if you want to check if you are a user who has already got it.

You can try to create a new Tweet as usual. If you get it, the Twitter Circle feature will appear in the notification window of the feature after clicking the “Write a Tweet” icon.

Later there will be an option “Twitter Circle” at the top. That means you have got this feature and can already use it.

The difference between tweets set to Twitter Circle and regular tweets is that they will only be visible to people you have set as Circle or close people.

You can set who you will include as your circle in the Circle settings menu.

How? Have you got this feature?

via MacRumors


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