WhatsApp in blog page the official recently announced a number of security features that will be coming soon to their apps and services, where there are at least three new security features that will protect users’ private messages and improve security reports and better control for users.

The three new security features are Account Protect, Device Verification And Automatic Security Codes all three of which will be coming soon in the next few months.

Account Protect

This feature will work to ensure that your account is really safe, if you want to switch your WhatsApp account to a new device, then the WhatsApp application will ask the old device to verify that the user’s account wants to do so. transfer data to the new device.

This is intended so that there is no effort transfer data and unauthorized accounts to other devices.

Device Verification

Currently, mobile malware is one of the biggest threats to user privacy and security, where there are quite a number of cases where Whatsapp is used to send unwanted messages due to a malware that has infected the user’s device.

With this technology, WhatsApp will guarantee user safety because they have added a new security token and a number of other variables (which you can see on the page following) so that WhatsApp is safer for users to use.

Automatic Security Codes

And lastly, the current user can verify security on the encryption tab under the contact information, by which we can ensure that the communication has been done with protection. end to end encryptions.

And with the new Automatic Security Codes feature, the process will be made easier later key transparency will allow the user to directly verify the process to ensure that the connection used is secure. You can see information about this on the page following.

A number of these features are presented so that user security is guaranteed and communication can be maintained, but this feature is currently still under development and will at least be released in the next few months.

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