Recently, in page techcommunity Microsoft announced that they will turn off two features in Microsoft Office Mobile that are available on both Android and iOS, the two features are Nearby Sharing and Transfer Files.

Nearby Sharing or Share Nearby it allows users to share content between Android devices in close proximity. However, according to the official page, Microsoft believes that this capability does not meet all the needs of its current customers. And therefore, starting on December 31, 2022, this feature will be completely disabled.

Apart from Nearby Shares, Transfer Files It will also be turned off on December 31, 2022, and for the uninitiated, this feature will allow users to transfer files between Office applications and the computer you’re using. The file transfer process itself involves a URL and a QR Code to connect the two devices and transfer content. And just like before, as reported by Microsoft’s official page, they think that this feature can actually be easily replaced by OneDrive, which is currently integrated “smoothly” to Office so users can access shared content regardless of their device and wherever they are.

Both of these features will once again stop working starting on December 31, 2022, so before that, users can still use the feature without any problems. And even if the feature has been removed and discontinued, all user files won’t be affected by this, so it’s not something users should worry about.

So, are you a user of these two features? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft

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