So, who here uses Notion to keep notes or to-do lists? Regarding Notion, there may be one thing that is quite confusing especially if you are a new user, the confusing thing is how do you change the theme? from dark to light or vice versa.

Why is this confusing? because in the Notion application on the Desktop, unfortunately there is no setting to change this, although indeed we can easily change the theme with just one step.

Come on, curious right?, well actually friends, to change the theme of this notion is very easy, we just use the following combination keys, namely: CTRL+SHIFT+L.

After that, the theme will change directly without any configuration that we have to do after that.

It’s really easy, isn’t it?, so please try guys, I still hope that it will be updated in the future, Notion presents the option to change the theme easily from settings, because to be honest, at first I didn’t know about the steps above before reading the documentation and Notion keyboard shortcuts.

May be useful.


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