Mutual funds are called investment tools suitable for beginners for no reason. In addition to not having to analyze Because the money will be managed by the investment manager. This tool is also easy to withdraw. In addition, there are now a large number of APERTD (APERTD) Affiliate Applications that are connected to digital wallets and mobile banking.

So how to withdraw funds from mutual funds easily? Check out the discussion below:

Can I disburse mutual funds?

yes! Mutual funds are easy to withdraw.

However, the disbursement of each mutual fund takes different time. Money Market Fund (RDPU)You can receive instant disbursement results in approximately 2 business days while for Fixed Income Fund And the stock takes 2-7 business days, as this means the investment manager needs to sell the relevant instruments and the settlement process is quite lengthy.

Therefore, money market mutual funds (RDPU) are suitable for emergency funds while RDO and RDS are not.

How to disburse mutual funds?

Here’s how to unfreeze this tool in some applications. The mechanism of disbursement of this tool through other agents such as banks or security company There may be different mechanisms.

How to withdraw Mutual Funds at Bibit

  1. Open the Seeds app.
  2. Select the product you want to sell.
  3. Select the percentage of sales (100% if you want to sell all).
  4. Choose the destination bank account
  5. click sell
  6. Check the consent sentence.
  7. click sell
  8. Enter PIN
  9. The transaction is complete and the tool is awaiting disbursement to enter your bank account.

current seeds Also provides instant disbursement services for some mutual fund products for Bank Jago users.

How to withdraw mutual funds at Bareksa

  1. Open the Bareksa application.
  2. Click the picture icon in the top right.
  3. Enter your email and password.
  4. Click to view work
  5. Select the product you want to sell.
  6. click sell
  7. Select the number of mutual funds you wish to sell.
  8. click sell
  9. Read the terms and conditions and click confirm
  10. Enter the OTP / Token sent by SMS.

How to withdraw mutual funds at IPOTGO

  1. open app
  2. Sign in.
  3. Click the portfolio.
  4. Select the product you want to sell.
  5. click sell
  6. Enter sales amount or select all to sell everything.
  7. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  8. View transaction details again. then click confirm
  9. Click OK.

When is the right time to disburse mutual funds?

There is no exact time as to when is the right time to withdraw mutual funds. Because the disbursement of this tool depends on your personal needs.

For example, if you are using this tool to save money on your wedding. You can disburse this instrument a few months before the event takes place.

However, it is a good idea to raise funds on this instrument before 1:00 PM on Monday-Thursday. or two days before the holiday As according to OJK rules, transactions entered before 1:00 PM will be processed on the same day at that day’s price. There is a possibility that the disbursement process will take longer.

For example, let’s say you withdraw your RDPU on Monday at 10 AM and Tuesday is not a holiday. Therefore, it is likely that the money you paid will reach your account on Wednesday. On the other hand, if you have a holiday on Tuesday or you just sold your mutual fund at 1:00 PM or later, chances are that the money will go to the end of the day. Log in to your account on Thursdays only. which means If you enter a sell order on Friday afternoon Your transactions will be processed on Monday morning only and will only be credited to your account on Wednesday.

Do Mutual Fund Disbursement Cost You?

in mutual fund withdrawal You must have at least Rp 3,500 per disbursed product. For example, if you withdraw 3 different mutual funds, your payout amount is IDR 10,500 (3,500 x 3).

due to this fee You should withdraw this instrument when the total profit of each mutual fund product you pay reaches Rp 3,500 in order to make your investment profitable. This fee comes from the fee charged by Custodian Bank, while the agent does not set the actual selling and purchase costs.

This fee is even greater if the Custodian Bank where you store your investments is different from the bank you use on a daily basis. From the author’s experience This disbursement from different banks adds about 3,500 to the cost as well.

For example, you withdraw a mutual fund stored in HSBC while the account you registered in the application is a BCA bank account, so your expenses are approximately IDR 7,000 (IDR 3,500 for sale + IDR). 3,500 for bank transfer) if you are diluting several products at once. This value is simply multiplied.


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