A recent report from AtlasVPN recently revealed that Google Chrome is the most vulnerable browser in 2022, this is because based on a report from AtlasVPN, Google Chrome has recorded at least more than 303 year vulnerability this.

Meanwhile in second place, Firefox comes with reports of at least 117 cases vulnerabilties, followed with Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera.

If you look at the graphic above, Google Chrome has got around 3,159 vulnerabilties followed with Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Well, even though both are based on Chromium, of course Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera and others sometimes share vulnerability on their browser, it’s just that, sometimes there are some that are separated and separated from the features and services it presents.

But for users, this problem is not something to worry about, because every month and even week, the browser provider will continue to update their browser so that users can surf the Internet safely and comfortably.

Well, so, even though this report from AtlasVPN reveals that Google Chrome is one of the browsers with the most vulnerabilities, it’s certainly not a concern, because as usual, any vulnerabilities found will be fixed soon. security updates presented.

Via : AtlasVPN, Neowin


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