Automatically, all the keywords that we type in Windows Search will be stored on our devices to make it easier for us to search for these keywords in the future.

But, what if you happen to be looking for something private? Of course it will be quite surprising if the recent search column displays what you are looking for.

Now because of this, it’s a good idea to delete Recent Search in Windows 11 Search periodically, and here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. Please open Settings > Privacy & security > Search Permissions.

Step 2. Next, please scroll down and look for the History section.

Well to delete recent search you can just click the button “Clear device search history”. In addition, you can also disable Search History by changing the toggle On Becomes Off as I marked in the picture above.

After that, Recent search will change to Suggested as in the image below.

Well, please try guys, hopefully it’s useful.


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