For those of you who want to buy an iPod touch, you have to buy it immediately. This is because the stock of iPod touch around the world is running low and Apple is officially no longer producing any iPod.

iPod touch stock in Apple Stores around the world is also one by one out of stock. The latest, today the stock of iPod touch at the Apple Online Store in the United States is completely sold out.

Thus, potential buyers in the United States can only get the iPod touch from third-party stores. There is no stock left in the Apple Store anymore.

According to Apple, although the iPod is no longer produced, the main function of the iPod as a music player is still alive in various other Apple products. From iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV to Apple Watch and HomePod.

But as a brand, turning off the iPod is certainly quite sad. Especially for those who have followed the development of Apple products before the iPhone era.

via MacRumors


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