A hot news came from a number of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who revealed Microsoft’s intention to eliminate PCs that use HDDs from the market, instead the New Windows 11 PCs must use SSDs as Boot devices. The deadline for this change is set in 2023.

This information was also first reported by industrial analysis firm TrendFocusbut unfortunately Microsoft has not provided any comments and statements regarding this matter.

Regarding this, actually the SSD requirements for system storage are very reasonable, considering the current state of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 system which is quite consuming resources including Disk Usage, so there are many cases of users who find cases of 100% Disk Usage and make the device very slow to use.

a number of OEMs themselves are aware of this and as we have seen in the market, some new devices mostly include an SSD as the boot medium, and instead, a number of OEMs also include an additional HDD slot so that the device has another larger storage media.

The SSD itself used to seem quite expensive, but for now, the SSD price is worth considering, at least spending 400 – 1 million for an SSD, I think it’s worth the time and the convenience of the work that will be obtained.

What do you think?

Via : Toms Hardware

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