Generally when the position of the open page is the most recent, usually Microsoft Edge will remove the button forward the browser toolbar section looks like the following image:

But friends, did you know that in Microsoft Edge 108 which was released yesterday, there is an interesting option that we can activate, namely the option to always display the forward button in the browser.

So, instead of being idle, here’s WinPoin, which summarizes short steps on How to Always Show the Forward Button in Microsoft Edge Chromium.

Step 1. First, please open Microsoft Edge Chromium and make sure that you are using version 108.0.1462.42 or later.

Step 2. Next, please open Edge Settings > Appearance > Select which buttons to show on the toolbar > then activate the Forward Button (Show automatically).

And after that, the forward button will automatically continue to be displayed, but when the page position is in the newest position, the button cannot be clicked and the color will be dimmer.

This optional feature may not be a very important thing, but you can try this if you really need a forward button that continues to appear even when you are in the position of the latest page that you are currently accessing.

Please try guys, good luck and hopefully useful.


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