Recently, it was reported by Twitter user @XenoPantherit seems that Microsoft is starting to test a new look in the latest Microsoft Edge ChromiuM Canary, where on the main page when the website is opened, it will be displayed with rounded corners like in the following picture.

As you can see, in section display webpages, is now displayed with rounded canvas, where a number of parts also change, including rounded corners on the scrollbars and even videos when playing in full screen mode.

Microsoft itself seems to be very obsessed with rounding in all things including Microsoft Edge and Windows, after previously several things changed along with the introduction of Windows 11 which did directly introduce rounded corners now almost all of their services also present a view that is more or less the same as rounded corners his.

Even so, unfortunately of course not everyone likes it rounded corner, especially if you have to part web page and full screen mode on the playing video also uses rounded corner, because of course it actually feels strange in the eyes of some users.

So for now, this change is only available to a small number of Edge Insider users, but if you get one feedback well, of course it is possible that in the future this will be available to everyone.

What do you think? comment below guys.

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