Windows 11 can be said to be the Windows version of Windows 10 enhancements which version is also an enhancement of Windows 8, but friends, it turns out there is an inconsistency in a part of Windows 11.

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Reporting from Windows Latest, on the Windows 11 Settings page, Windows 11 still references the Windows 8 “Search Charm” when a user tries to switch from a Microsoft account to a Local account, if you don’t read it you might not be aware, but here is screenshotshis.

Just a little information, the “Search Charm” itself is a unique feature of Windows 8 which is now no longer available in Windows 10 or Windows 11, but unfortunately as seen in the image above, the instructions for users to back up recovery keys in the process of switching accounts still suggest users to use search charm to seek device encryption.

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So maybe Microsoft forgot to change this, but of course not everyone is aware of this, even I myself have almost never read the long articles available on the Windows OS.

What do you think? Comment below guys and give your opinions and opinions below.

via: Windows Latest


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