Among the audio devices that I use, I use a Bluetooth headphone which sounds pretty good in my opinion if I connect it to the iPhone SE 2020 that I use or the Huawei Matepad 10.4 2020 which I also use now.

So, can you connect these headphones to Windows 11 via Bluetooth, of course you can, and once in a while, if you happen to have a Bluetooth device like headphones, you can practice this at home.

Step 1. First prepare your Bluetooth Headphones device (this method applies to both Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard too, OK).

Don’t forget to activate the Bluetooth mode for the device.

Step 2. If it’s already active, also make sure that your Windows 11 device also has one bluetooth inside it.


Step 3. To connect these devices, after the bluetooth on your headphones and Windows 11 device is active, in Windows 11, please enter the page Settings > Bluetooth & devices.

Then click Add devices > bluetooth.

Then click on the name bluetooth from your Headphones device.

And after loading connecting.. that didn’t last long, the device is now connected.

It’s finished, how about it, it’s very easy isn’t it?, that’s all for this basic tutorial, I hope it’s useful for those of you who are looking for it, thank you.


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