After exploring Reddit, there is one piece of news that is quite interesting to me, where is the user /u/ra13 on Reddit found that around February 14, 2023 yesterday, Google started imposing limits on the number of files that users can store on their Platform.

Image /u/ra13 on Reddit

In addition, this limitation is present even if the user still has free space from Google Drive, and from the image above we can see that the limit for this Google Drive is around 5 million files / items, but there are quite a few other Reddit users who comment that this is just Bugs from Drive only.

"Google has applied a 5 Million items limit for Google Drive without any prior warning, causing major inconvenience to several users. If you have an average file-size of < 400KB on a 2TB plan, you'll hit this limit before running out of space!"

However, unfortunately there are several reports which reveal that it is not just one user who has experienced this so there are many rumors saying that it is very likely that Google does limit the number of files that users store, even if the Google Drive capacity is still quite large.

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Regarding this report, recently reported by Neowin, a Google Workspace spokesperson said that the limit was apparently put in place “to maintain strong performance and reliability” by which is meant this is not the same limit Google Workspace users are currently facing for Shared Drives.

Then is this a bug?

Unfortunately there is no further information regarding this, but let’s hope that this is a bug and Google doesn’t apply a limit to the number of files on their service.

But what if this really happened? please comment below guys.

via: Reddit, Neowin


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