Rumors about the first iPhone with USB-C are now getting hotter. After Ming-Chi Kuo gave a leak about the iPhone 2023 that will use USB-C, now it’s Bloomberg’s turn to give a leak.

Mark Gurman, one of Bloomberg’s analysts confirmed that he got inside information saying that Apple was indeed testing the iPhone with USB-C.

If we look at the various rumors that have been blown by Ming-Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman, any information they share cannot be underestimated.

If this is true, then next year we will actually get to see the first iPhone with a USB-C port after more than 10 years of Apple sticking with Lightning.

Apple may switch to USB-C because USB-C offers faster data transfer speeds and faster charging than Lightning.

But it could also be because Apple is tired of various pressures from various countries. Especially the European Union, which sooner or later will force Apple to use USB-C if it still wants to sell iPhones in the European Union region.

via MacRumors


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