Since the era of Windows 7, there is a feature called User Account Control that functions to prevent applications that change the system accidentally, this feature is certainly very useful for increasing the security of the system that the user uses, because when the user wants to install an application, there will be a notification. and User Account Control notifications that the user must allow before the application is installed.

However, although this feature is very useful, sometimes there are cases where users have to disable it, for example when you want to open an application that doesn’t run perfectly when User Account Control is enabled, and in Windows 11, we can easily disable this feature. Here WinPoin summarizes the short steps.

Step 1. First, please go to Control Panel > System and Security > Click on the section Change User Account Control settings.

Step 2. Next, please choose Never notify on the slider options available there.

After that, click OK and now User Account Control has been disabled.

Well, it’s really easy, isn’t it?, please try it guys, good luck.


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