A new feature seems to be starting Microsoft testing again, which this time is not a feature related to file explorer, except with widget and taskbar.

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Well this new feature is a search widget new that will be present on the left side of the screen, side by side with weather widgets, where as the name suggests, this feature will have the ability to search for something either locally or via the internet.

This feature was first rumored to appear in the recently released Windows 11 Build 25136, which is based on reports from Twitter users Rafael RiveraUsers can activate this feature through the ViveTool application with a configuration of 37010913.

Let’s explain a little first about how to activate this feature, especially for those of you who don’t know, first you must download ViveTool from the GitHub page followingthen next extract zip file that you just downloaded, and open command prompt as administrator, then please go to directory where ViveTool is located.

Finally, please enter the following command to activate the feature search widget this.

vivetool addconfig 37010913 2

Well for now, this feature is certainly not available by default for Insider users though, but before it’s officially released, will you like this feature? comment below guys.

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