At the end of June 2023, we got the news that Telegram Will Get Stories Feature, although initially Telegram did not support the launch of Stories because the feature was “everywhere”. But they finally added it because Stories accounted for more than half of all the feature requests Telegram received.

Meanwhile, after one month, users can finally get Telegram Stories, which is enough renew Telegram application to the latest version, you can create Storeis on the Chat page.

But keep in mind that this feature is only available to Telegram Premium users, so if you are a free user try pressing the button add stories as in the example image above, there will be a message saying this feature is only available for Premium users.

Regarding this feature, according to information from 9to5Mac, this feature comes with its own tweaks, where you can adjust the expiration date of Telegram Stories from 6 hours to 48 hours or add them to your user profile permanently. Great isn’t it.

In addition, all of the user’s saved and archived Telegram Stories will appear in the My Stories folder on the app’s settings page. The Telegram Stories feature itself has a simple UI, offers text, and support multi camera to record from the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

Meanwhile, for privacy, users can choose whether your stories will be visible to everyone, contacts, close friends, or only selected contacts, similar to those on WhatsApp. And even then, you can also avoid stories from specific contacts you want to avoid by adding them to a hidden list.

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This feature is indeed a common feature that can be found in almost all social media, but with a unique tweak ability, this makes Stories on Telegram more interesting, it’s just that unfortunately this feature is only available for Telegram Premium users, where you have to spend IDR 79 .000 / month or about $ 4.99 / month.

What do you think about this stories feature? Comment below guys and give your opinion.

via: 9to5Mac


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