There is new news for you Windows 11 Insider Beta Channel users, where today Microsoft released the KB5020054 update which will change the OS build to 22621,885 and 22623,885.

Well as usual, there are two separate Builds for Insider Beta, where Build 22621 will have new features but all of them off by default while Build 22623 all new features will automatically default in a position on and has been active.

Okay, now are there any new features that are presented through this update?, the answer is of course there are guys. And quoted from the Microsoft page, for you Build 22623 users, you can now access Windows Studio Effects through quick settings.

By the way, this feature is only available for you users of devices that already support NPU or Neural Processing Units, which with this feature you can more easily manage camera effects including blur background etc.

Besides, now Energy Recommendations also starting to be available for you users of Build 22623, now this feature itself was first introduced in Build 25231 whose article you can read on page following.

In addition, for Build pengguna users 22621,885 & 22623,885there are other features that are present for both builds, you name it Expanded View in the Widget which is now available to all users.

Apart from that, there are several other fixes and improvements which include:

  • We are introducing the new Tamil Anjal keyboard for the Tamil language. To add it, make sure Tamil (Singapore), Tamil (Malaysia), Tamil (Sri Lanka), or Tamil (India) is listed under Settings > Time & Language > Language & Regionand then click the “…” next to the language, select Language Options, and add Tamil Anjal (QWERTY) to the list of keyboards.
  • This build includes support for the use of clipboard history (WIN + V) on password fields.
  • Switched the touch keyboard icon option under Settings > Personalization > Taskbar from being a toggle to now being a dropdown where you can select Never, Always, or When no keyboard attached.
  • Fixed a few explorer.exe crashes related to the recent taskbar and system tray work.
  • The pin/unpin visual will now display when dragging system tray icons to any position along the system tray, and not only when hovering over the show hidden icons button.
  • Fixed the issue where certain chat apps (that supported it) weren’t flashing with new messages or opening a preview on hover in the system tray.
  • The show hidden icons flyout in the system tray should now responsively resize with changes again to prevent empty spaces and columns.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in the show hidden icons flyout appearing disconnected from the taskbar in certain cases.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the volume icon in the system tray to incorrectly show as muted.
  • Fixed an issue where invoking the context menu for items in the system tray might not put the context menu in the foreground and it would get stuck behind the taskbar.
  • Did some work to help improve the performance of deleting files via File Explorer (when emptying the recycle bin or using Shift + Delete) in the case where there are a large number of files being deleted at once.
  • We fixed an issue that affects some modern applications. It stops them from opening.

Now, for you Windows 11 Insider Beta users, you can get this new build through the page settings > windows update > check for updates, then download the update KB5020054 which is available there.

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