Previously, WinPoin explained everything Cool Things in File Explorer Windows 11 Insider Build 22622where in File Explorer now comes the Tab feature, a new Navigation Pane and several other improvements that I didn’t mention in the article.

But friends, besides Windows 11 Insider Build 22622, there is an improvement that I think is important to be present in Widnows 11 Insider Build 22621, namely the presence of a New Keyboard Shortcut in File Explorer Windows 11.

What are these keyboard shortcuts? the following are among them:

Opening the Classic Context Menu

If we usually open classic/old context menu in Windows 11, we right click > then select Show more optoins or it could be with the old keyboard shortcut (Shift + F10).

Well starting in this new version, we can use the new Keyboard Shortcut namely (CTRL + SHIFT + Right Click Mouse/Touchpad).

I think this keyboard shortcut is very important, especially if you frequently access old context menu to display a number of menus there.

Compared to having to Right Click > Show more options and Shift + F10, this new keyboard shortcut is quicker to access in my opinion.

Copy Path

To copy path from a file or folder, usually we also use right click > copy as path, but now we can use the keyboard shortcut (CTRL+SHIFT+C), for faster copy path from a file or folder.

Management tab

Now for those of you who already have the Tab feature in File Explorer (especially users of Windows 11 Insider Build 22622), you can use the following new keyboard shortcut.

  • CTRL+T, to create a new Tab in File Explorer.
  • CTRL+W, to close open tabs in File Explorer.

So that’s all the new keyboard shortcuts that you can try, of course, if you already remember the keyboard shortcuts, sometimes these keyboard shortcuts can be very useful to help speed up our work.

What do you think? Comment below guys, have you tried the keyboard shortcut?


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