Without realizing it, Windows 10 21H1, which was released on May 18 2021, has now reached the end of support, as reported by official page Microsoft, on December 13 2022, Windows 10 21H1 users will no longer receive any updates, including security updates and fixes.

A little flashback, Windows 10 21H1 actually doesn’t bring many new features, but only an increase from the previous version of Windows 10, namely Build 19042 or Windows 10 20H2.

But in this version, there are a number of Windows 10 features that are deprecated and have started to be removed, which include Personalization Room, WMIC Tool and even Microsoft Edge Legacy which have started to be removed in this version.

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In this regard, because it has reached the end of support, users are of course recommended to update to a newer version of Windows 10 or to Windows 11. For those of you who want to update your Windows 10 system, you can just slide to the page Settings > Update & Security > Windows Updates.

via: Microsoft


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