A few months ago, it was reported that a Windows 11 21H2 user and trying to use a printer with universal drivers installed, the printer will not work properly.

After being confirmed by Microsoft, eventually a number of users may find upgrading blocks so Windows 11 21H2 users cannot update to Windows 11 22H2 because of this bug.

Well regarding this, recently Microsoft has updated the page Windows 11 Health Dashboard it, where on that page, it is explained that the printer problem has now been fixed and the upgrade block has been opened.

“November 10, 2022: Any printer still affected by this issue should now get resolved automatically during upgrade to Windows 11, version 22H2.”

The fix itself is quite simple, where as Microsoft explained above, users who previously had problems can immediately update/upgrade their Windows 11 to version 22H2, where fixes will automatically be presented when the upgrade process is running.

With this, for those of you who may not have previously received an offer to upgrade to Windows 11 22H2, you can just check it out Settings > Windows Updates > Check for updates, then check whether you can update your Windows 11 to the latest version or not.

via: Microsoft


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