Without big announcementMicrosoft recently released a new lightweight version of Windows 11, but this new lightweight OS is unfortunately not meant for end user general. In other words this version is not for us ordinary home users, this is because Windows 11 Validation OS is an OS based on command lineand is designed for hardware or software vendors, developers and technician to help diagnosis and solve problems.

Windows 11 Validations OS will basically help build hardware and software on Windows 11 without having to install it completely.

Microsoft Validation OS is a lightweight, fast, and customizable Windows 11-based operating system that you can use on the factory floor to diagnose, mitigate and repair hardware defects during Windows device manufacturing. Validation OS boots into a Command Line environment to increase reliability on the factory floor and supports running Win32 apps, smoothing the transition from early hardware bring-up to retail OS and apps development.said Microsoft.

And as you can see as Microsoft said above, this Validation OS supports Win32 applications and is meant to help in diagnostic project which is based on Windows 11 in development. That’s because the Win32 API provides direct access to the system hardware and has a variety of tools to perform diagnostics.

So if you’re curious, you can learn about Windows 11 Validations OS at the following reference links:

And if you want to give it a try, Windows 11 Validations OS is available to download as a file (.WIM) at the link following both for ARM64 and AMD64 Architectures.

We’ll try later guys. Are you interested in trying this version? comment below guys.

Via : Microsoft, Neowin

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